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Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians



Deep Dive Music launches their Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians. This live, weekly, free Zoom workshop will give musicians and music creators a safe and supportive space to share their sounds with other music creators, receive positive and motivational feedback from their peers, and explore different ways of describing their music. It’s the place to connect with other artists who could be your future champions, collaborators, listening ears…or more.

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more about DEEP DIVE MUSIC:

Congrats Tamsin on launching these new events, what led you to create this new idea?

Thanks so much for asking! As you know, Emily, I have been speaking to musicians for many years, mainly in my roles with national funding bodies Creative Scotland and Arts Council England, and more recently as project manager and producer for Jazz South. What I constantly come away with is that every artist’s path is unique – how they trained, got started, created their own portfolio of work – so there’s no single infrastructure for musicians to develop their careers. I notice that artists have varying levels of business skills training or knowledge and musicians need to have highly tuned antennae to know what opportunities are out there. This can be really difficult when you are a DIY artist and focused from week to week or project to project. There are lots of brilliant organisations and individuals out there offering funding or development opportunities but knowing about them all is a challenge and it takes time to build up your knowledge, contacts and skills to access these resources. Even if you do know all this, you need to have a plan so that you can make the best use of your time, convince other people that you are right for their offer, and progress your career in the way you want to.

So I started Deep Dive Music, which has a high focus on offering mentoring to artists, not only to share knowledge (it’s easy to create lists for people but it can be overwhelming and not always that useful), but to really help artists gain confidence in owning and articulating their own artistic identities and ambitions. For me, that is a really key starting point for then building or strengthening connections with the industry, applying for support and opportunities and moving your career forwards.


Do you feel community and working together is important for musicians and music creators?

Yes, I absolutely do. As I mentioned, there’s not one way to develop a career, it can be influenced by each musician’s preferences and passions, the area or genre of music they associate with, or perhaps want to move into, and of course each individuals’ personal circumstances. So sharing, learning and hearing from other music creators I think is key. Peer learning and support can be extremely powerful and facilitating musicians to work with each other is a way I really enjoy working – partly as I learn so much too.


What’s the focus of the workshops and what do you expect people to go away with?

The weekly Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians focuses right at the heart of why we are all here – the music! It’s a supportive and joyful space for musicians playing or creating any style of music (instrumental, vocal, electronic, performed, produced etc) and at any career stage, to come together to celebrate their music, gain feedback and insight from their fellow artists and leave at the end feeling inspired and motivated. There should be no doubt that it’s a space for positivity, intentional listening and shared generosity.

I want to grow a community in the jam session where musicians come to listen and champion each other. So as well as up to 4 or 5 people sharing music on the night, there is plenty of space for musician ‘audience’ members to make a contribution to the feedback and enjoy an evening of focused listening together.


What kind of format, interaction will take place within the events?

It takes place on Zoom for 90 minutes. There’s time to meet and greet with each other and then the core of the workshop takes place which involves each artist sharing one recorded track of their music – this could be a work in-progress that it would be useful to get some feedback on. The other musicians listen with some simple questions in mind so that they can then offer their insights to the artist on their creative piece. As all the insights are written into the chat, I’m then able to send it all to the artists afterwards – much easier than wading through an audio recording of the session or taking notes.

Did I say that artists can be based anywhere? I was amazed that the first session was attended by a wonderful musician calling in from New Orleans!

Here are some of the comments that came back after the first event:

It was an invaluable opportunity to meet with other musicians I wouldn’t otherwise meet and get honest feedback and encouragement from them as well as Tamsin’s perspective from her knowledge of promotion and creating an audience for our work…it was great to get the experience of presenting my work to people with a real interest in it, and do the same for others

(Rowan Porteus, composer, trumpet player and producer)

The positive feedback approach was a good way for us to gain insight into how our work might be received by new listeners…it made me think more deeply about how we communicate to others about our music.

(Mark Trounson, double bass player, composer and educator)


What kind of challenges do you feel music creators can face in today’s music industry?

What I hear from musicians is that, of course, the major disruptions caused by the pandemic, Brexit and cuts to arts education funding, have huge impact on whether someone can even access a career in the music let alone sustain it, as well as extraordinary barriers such as a person’s background, gender, or ethnicity which are the responsibility of everyone in the industry to address and action. The move to a digital landscape has also changed so significantly in the last 15 years and moves so fast that it is a lot for an individual musician to keep ahead of the curve.

However, I think a factor across the board is that each musician has to forge their own unique path, developing their own resources and resilience as they go. That is why mentoring and other opportunities can be so helpful as a guidepost. And people may need different mentors along the way, so that they can draw from different perspectives and experiences.


What additional activities can people take part, or invest in with Deep Dive Music?

In addition to the weekly Summer Inspiration Jam which is free, I’m starting a 6-week long online programme called Deep Dive Music: Summer Focus 2021. This is again for any musician at any career stage who wants to keep up their motivation, stay creative and develop the business skills to support their music. We will be taking that starting point of identifying your creative goals and your identity as an artist, looking more deeply at your message to the world, then who and how you get your message to your peers, audiences and the industry.

I’m really excited about this course, because, again, it will be drawing on powerful approaches to learning with and from other musicians along the way to keep inspiration and positive support high. The odd challenge and competition may also help with this..!

As well as the 6 weekly online Zoom meetings, each musician will have one individual Deep Dive session with me, a great opportunity for me to really listen to your challenges and ambitions, get to know you know better and offer more bespoke guidance.


When do things kick off and how can people get tickets?

The Weekly Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians takes place on Monday evenings from 02 August 7.30-9.00pm and is FREE but needs to be booked in advance.

The 6-week Summer Focus 2021 takes place from Wednesday 11 August 7.30-9.00pm and has an EARLY BIRD offer on right now!

All details and tickets are at https://buytickets.at/deepdivemusicproducing

You can find out more about Deep Dive Music at www.deepdivemusic.co.uk and email Tamsin at tamsin@deepdivemusic.co.uk


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