Hi there! I’m Bampi Bill, the coolest dude that you ever viewed! Lots of good stuff on my new website, but my primary intention is to feature the life, loves, aspirations, and problems of the senior generation. Second of all, to wave a flag for the young people of our planet, and how we can best give them the future they deserve, but aren’t getting right now.

I am your original educated dude. My masters degree in Classics at Cambridge University was followed by my Senior Exhibitionership in Biological Sciences at the same place, Then I got a degree at Surrey Uni, then finally a Masters in Environmental Management at the University of Wales. Loved it all! Then I worked in the City of London making rich people richer, til I decided to quit that, and make people happier instead. But added to that, I built eight successful businesses. all still trading today except one (where I only had a minority share and couldn’t get the directors to see sense!). Now I play saxophone and sing in jazz bands. Some helluva rewarding life, and I’m bringing all that  experience to the table to inform and entertain you. I know it will make you happy too!

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