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Beats & Pieces is not your average big band, rather a band that’s big. These 14 musicians have been playing together for over twelve years and have become a tight knit bunch, open to a huge diversity of music. The influence of artists such as Björk, Radiohead, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Loose Tubes, Gil Evans and Kenny Wheeler pop up in their performances and the compositions of bandleader and conductor Ben Cottrell.

The band tours regularly across the UK, Europe and further afield, marking their 10th anniversary in 2018 with their debut North American tour. A driving force of the vibrant Manchester music scene and one of the most striking ensembles of its kind, the group continues to win new fans and friends across the world.

New music is on the way from the band – in January 2020 they recorded their third studio album with support from Help Musicians UK and MOBO Trust.

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Beats & Pieces Big Band
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Beats & Pieces Big Band
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