“Good musicians and some overt European campaigning – but then jazz has always been a political music, so why not?” London Jazz News Jan 2019

“The blend with Mowat’s clear-toned trumpet gave the whole thing something of the air of the great (most people think) Azimuth, with Norma Winstone and Kenny Wheeler” Jon Turney

Singer- pianist, Yunmi King, from South Korea, trained in Germany and the Netherlands is superb. Her voice is a fluid liquid poem, set to music. What a privilege to hear this!’ Vanessa Garside (President of WAG UK International Artists)


“Their performance was so good and it left me speechless. I thought Yunmi Kang, Sangyeon Park and BEJE Trio have been connected with their soul. They have different backgrounds and stories but expressed one soul – humanism. People have different appearances and voices but basically have the common things. They were trying to find the one. Everyone is precious, every emotion is special. They inspired me a lot. I really enjoyed that night and still can remember how beautiful it was. Hope they can continue to make and perform more music”.
Pianist Jusim Park

All pics by Walter Dirks

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Yunmi Sang with BEJE Trio Modernized Sacrifice