Blues and Roots Ensemble did a service to the larger than life legend Charles Mingus…handling the complexities of the bass playing genius with a dapper swagger.” Jazz Standard.

The Blues and Roots Ensemble is a band dedicated to sharing the music of Charles Mingus through live performances and education projects.

Led by double bassist Ed Babar, the band capture the spirit of the great Mingus bands through their energetic performances that include everything from raucous open improvisation sections to soulful ballad playing, all within the context of Mingus’ classic compositions.

The band performs original and creative arrangements of Mingus’ music, from his earliest blues influences to his advanced, socially inspired compositions from the 50s – 70s.

The education workshops use Mingus’ music as a catalyst for actively exploring the concepts of jazz music and of capturing creativity in music. The ethos of the Mingus Education strand is that music is the medium enabling people of all musical abilities to have voice to express themselves.

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