BUDE JAZZ CLUB, the brain child of Pat Sullivan, was formed in 1990 to promote and encourage jazz in Bude and the surrounding area. The club currently presents live entertainment twice a month, usually on Sunday evenings, 7.30pm ’till 10.30pm, our main venue being The Falcon Hotel, acknowledged as one of the best jazz venues in the country.

Membership is open to all over the age of fourteen. Annual membership is currently £10 per person which entitles you to a reduced entrance fee at all gigs and to receive a monthly jazz newsletter which gives details of forth coming events. Other than at special events, admission is £7 for members and £9 for visitors, free admission if under fourteen. We have complimentary arrangements with Plymouth and Kingsbridge Jazz Clubs where members can also benefit from reduced admission to their gigs.

Each year the Bude Jazz Club celebrates its anniversary on the Saturday prior to the Bude Jazz Festival. Many visitors extend their Bude Festival holiday by arriving early to attend our Anniversary Celebration at the Falcon Hotel where visitors are made very welcome..

To become a member of the Bude Jazz Club,
contact Tony Butler 01288 353936
Email: t.butler@tiscali.co.uk

WATCH AND LISTEN selected music videos

Julia Biel – Live from the church


Motherboard Pinball


Watch and Listen – Loucin


VOTI – Newcastle Jazz Festival 2021


VOTI – Robert Mitchell’s 50th Birthday Concert


VOTI – Julian Siegel: Tales from the Jacquard


APPJAG Review of Jazz in England


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Watch and Listen – Deemer


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Yazz Ahmed In Conversation


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


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- click here to add events, both online and in-person

Xhosa Cole Trio

Oct 25, 2021
  The Cockpit

Emma Rawicz Quartet

Nov 29, 2021
  The Cockpit

Together We Go Forward

Nov 14, 2021
  606 Club

Fiona Ross at Toulouse Lautrec

Oct 30, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Fiona Ross at the EFG London Jazz Festival

Nov 19, 2021
  Karamel Club


Nov 18, 2021
  The Bull's Head

Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan

Oct 21, 2021
  Boston Room at George IV

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre

Lara Eidi : Women in Jazz live @London Jazz Festival

Nov 14, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre


Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

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