Paris raised, London based Chase Emery Davis (24), is a classically trained, bass baritone opera singer who has crossed over to Jazz / R&B and Rap.   He has a with a warm timbre, flawless falsetto, and sultry voice.   When not singing he is one of the UK’s top young bilingual French/British English voice actors and narrators.  

3 Jazz demos => 
Chase has a once in a generation voice and is available for top line, lead, harmonies and session work on and offline, as well as corporate event hire in Mayfair, Soho and around London. 
Chase is a multi genre songwriter, composer, and a music producer with degrees in composition and production. 
He has significant musical theatre training and performance experience. When not creating music he is a creative writer, digital artist.
Clients: Editions Hattier, S.N.C.F for Audiophase, Tour 78, Quantic Dreams, Sonepar, Eurostar, Youtube France, Ulverscroft, Park Chinois

Chase did an incredible job on my song. It was a difficult piece but he performed it exactly as I asked. I have never had a project that was this challenging completed to perfection on the first try. The instrumentation, and harmonies he added were perfect. Totally satisfied. – Charles

No words can express how happy and blessed I feel to work with Chase Emery Davis as a singer. He has been wonderfully communicative, professional, expert, intuitive, kind, and just a delight to work with. I recommend him with the highest praise I can give for his work on my difficult composition. You cannot go wrong working with Chase! – David
The amazing Chase Davis kicked off the party with an assortment of songs in different languages that got the crowd going.   …. Davis is a multi-talented musical sensation who started  his musical career eight years ago. He originally  wanted to become a film actor, but all that changed  when he became enamoured by music. Encouraged by an instructor who loved his baritone voice, Chase  started taking lessons with a renowned jazz and classical  vocalist. He then decided to pursue a bachelor’s  degree in composition and a master’s degree in music production. .. he now produces and writes Jazz and Electronic Dance music, and recently started a new lyrical rap  project. Davis even created two special tracks for eniGma’s 7th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, which he composed using untraditional instruments like the Chinese Erhu and the Egyptian Zither.  – Enigma Magazine

Lockdown Live & Recorded – Trypl


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Randolph Matthews & Yaron Stavi


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Alanis Morissette


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Patchwork Jazz Orchestra


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Remi Harris


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Swing 42


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ola Onabulé


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Guillermo Hill


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ayanna Witter-Johnson


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Paul Towndrow


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Josephine Davies


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Riot Jazz Brass Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – 3 Cohens


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Electric Lady Big Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – London Trombonists


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Tommy Blaize & All Fired Up


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Emily Dankworth