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Chris is currently finalising “Where do you want to be – a business planning manual for jazz music students and musicians.” It will be a free open sourced publication. Publication will be in July 2017

It is vitally important that musicians join the trade bodies that are there to protect your rights. Musicians’ Union PRS for Music Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). Chris is a member of the Musicians’ Union, PPL, PRS, Creative Industries Federation and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and his music publisher is Paul Rodriguez Music. Chris is also signed up to

In December 2016 Chris was appointed by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group to act as their Secretariat. The Secretariat team is Chris and Sarah Pellew and details can be found at: All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group

At Jazz Services Chris Hodgkins set up the Online Music Business Resource with Debbie Dickinson of City University. The manuals and research papers are available at:

Chris writes a blog at

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