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Chris Hodgkins presents weekly show called Jazz Then and Now

The concept of the show is as Chris puts it “what it says on the tin”. Chris will be delving into the history of the music and present what is happening on the scene today with a watchful eye on British contemporary jazz. The show will run every Monday at 3pm and 8pm repeated on Wednesdays; and will complement nicely Todd’s Turntable by Todd Gordon which runs on Sundays at 12pm repeated Wednesday evenings.

Chris Hodgkins recently retired after 29 years as the Director of Jazz Services, the national support charity for jazz music and musicians. During his time at the organisation, he was honoured for his Services to Jazz at the 2002 BBC Jazz Awards and in July 2013 at the British Jazz Awards. Chris was awarded the Services to Jazz Award at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards in March 2015. Despite his successes championing British jazz he still found the time to play himself, and as a musician released several great albums with his various groups, including 2009’s Boswell’s London Journal, which was reviewed as ‘CD of the Week’ in the Evening Standard. With his days of administration behind him, Chris now takes to the road, the radio and the recording studio to focus on playing the music he loves.

Chris was raised in Cardiff. He co-founded the Welsh Jazz Festival and was instrumental in establishing the Welsh Jazz Society. As a professional trumpeter, Chris has toured the UK and Europe, appearing at the Sacramento Jazz Festival in the USA. The Chris Hodgkins Band made a name for itself supporting the likes of Buddy Tate, Humphrey Lyttelton, Kathy Stobart, Bud Freeman and Wild Bill Davison.

Further details on Chris is available at: www.chrishodgkins.co.uk
Each week the play list will be posted detailing the tunes played, the artiste,band,album and composers. Chris will also be playing playing selected tracks form HotHouse young musicians. Grateful thanks to Jon Eno and all at HotHouse
Chris’s programme schedule can be seen at https://chrishodgkins3.wordpress.com/

Chris Hodgkins – Jazz Is….. on Pure Jazz Radio


Chris Hodgkins is now presenting a programme Jazz Is…… on Pure Jazz Radio

Pure Jazz Radio, started on the 1st January 2009 with a few dozen listeners, emerged as the “Internet Jazz Radio Station of Record”. We not only play great jazz but are the home of some of best jazz presenters in the world. Pure Jazz Radio also promotes the jazz scene world wide and talks with some of the leading talent regarding their latest projects. If it is happening – and its – jazz – you’ll hear it here at Pure Jazz Radio

Rich Keith, General Manager, Pure Jazz Radio – New York

Jazz is a broad church that has developed an incredibly diverse range of musics with a global reach. When there is an altercation in the choir stalls about what jazz is, some one is reinventing jazz and building an extension to the church. The programme Jazz Is illustrates the rich history of jazz and the vibrant happening jazz of today.

Please see www.chrishodgkins.co.uk for further information
Each week the play list will be posted detailing the tunes played, the musician, band, album and composers. https://jazzis2016.wordpress.com/

Chris’s blog is at www.complaintsinwonderland.co.uk

Over the years I have been writing letters of complaint to companies and non-commercial organisations, I soon learnt that some people take themselves so seriously that the only way to deal with them is to inject as much humour as possible into the correspondence and then sometimes, as these people seem to have the armour plating of a Dreadnought, frankness is required. In the interests of fairness I have also published letters of complaint that have been dealt with in a positive and exemplary manner.The postings are in no particular chronological order but I kick off with NatWest in 2000. So just keep scrolling down for many and various posts. I have redacted names where appropriate as invariably it is a case of the “donkeys” in the boardrooms leading the “lions” on the shop floor. What a marvellous word redacted is. It brings to mind a take on an Eric Morecombe joke; “Has he or she been redacted? No,it’s just they way they walk”.

I also use this site to comment on various matters aired in the press as well as economics, politics, idiocy in general and the funding of jazz in the UK by Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales. To say there is room for improvement with regard to the funding of jazz in the UK is the understatement of the 21st Century

Regrettably I will not be able to answer postings or comments and if I do it will have to be brief. However any abusive remarks containing strong language will not be answered, the correspondent will just have to satisfy themselves with the fact that if I did respond it would be along the lines that their comments, “are the nicest thing that any one has ever said about me”.

If you have enjoyed reading these letters, articles and letters in the press. I would be grateful if you could donate to Jazz Services, now re-branded as JazzUK or to the National Jazz Archive to help them keep jazz on the road in the UK. Just click on the website button and give what ever you can.

Chris Hodgkins

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