Based at Chateau de Monteton, in south-west France; and led by pianist, and composer Andrea Vicari. Three weeks of total immersion in jazz and improvisation. An intensive musical language course in a supportive environment, with a lot of enthusiastic people at all levels.

Improvisation, jazz harmony, the exploration of various jazz idioms, and group performance are the main areas covered. There are nightly organised jam sessions from 6.00pm and all-night jams after dinner in the Cave, plus free concerts by the tutors and other professional jazz musicians. At the end of the week the students perform to a live audience. Keyboards, drums, PAs and some amps provided.

WEEK ONE | JULY 21st – JULY 28th
The Full Monty multi-level, multi-function jazz workshop experience open to all instruments and levels with
Mark Lockheart, Quentin Collins, Nic France, Andrea Vicari, Jonathan Bratoeff, Ian Bumstead
A basic ability to play one’s instrument is required and music reading would be helpful but not essential. The styles of jazz will include standards, bebop, modal, latin and contemporary. We divide the tutor groups into six levels according to ability initially according to what you write on the booking form. There are “Option Groups” such as SOUL BAND / MINGUS BAND / SUPER SAX / MONK BAND etc. which break up the day .

INTENSIVE Course for more experienced players
with Mornington Lockett, Andrea Vicari, Yazz Ahmed, Jonathan Bratoeff, and Duncan Eagles
No beginners please. No Vocalists – (see vocal course). You need to have been on the first week or a similar course before, or have a good grounding in the basics from another source.

please note – individual tuition is not available on any course due to pressure of time.

Lockdown Live & Recorded – Trypl


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Randolph Matthews & Yaron Stavi


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Alanis Morissette


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Patchwork Jazz Orchestra


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Remi Harris


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Swing 42


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ola Onabulé


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Guillermo Hill


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ayanna Witter-Johnson


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Paul Towndrow


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Josephine Davies


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Riot Jazz Brass Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – 3 Cohens


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Electric Lady Big Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – London Trombonists


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Tommy Blaize & All Fired Up


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Emily Dankworth