Hull Truck Theatre is the flagship venue for Hull and the surrounding region presenting a theatre-led, mixed-disciplinary programme of produced and visiting work. We are excited by work that is imaginative and emotionally resonant, with a focus on stories and people. We aim to present exceptional work across a broad range of theatrical forms and styles, which offer our diverse audiences an entertaining, often uplifting, and sometimes life-changing evening in the theatre.


Drama is at the heart of our programming, and we have relationships with a number of key touring partners whose work we programme on a regular basis.

Dance, music and comedy are programmed across both spaces and, as with the drama programme, we curate and promote work by both established and emerging companies of national repute.

We are also proud to support Hull’s local societies and their work can be seen at Hull Truck Theatre throughout the year.


Our Studio is a space for new and sometimes more challenging theatrical experiences. We are particularly interested in exploring the idea of a ‘Northern voice’, and of increasing the depth of our relationship (and that of our audiences) with artists making theatre in the North through supporting the creative development of work.


We rarely programme work that is completely unknown to us: most often we have seen the work previously either fully formed or at various stages in development. We also programme from regional networks (such as Venues North), within the industry.

We do not book tribute bands, novelty or variety acts, mediums, etc.


We have four clear strands of work running through our programmed and presented work:


This is the broadest of our strands, and covers everything from classical drama, to jazz and stand-up comedy.


As the largest producing theatre in Hull & East Yorkshire, we aim to represent and nurture the talent and experience local to Hull Truck Theatre. This work will either be made in East Yorkshire or have a clear link to the region (individual artists, stories that resonate etc).


This is the mainstay of our studio programming. Sometimes referred to as ‘risk-taking’ theatre, this is about individuals and their stories; it’s theatre that celebrates the human condition and the lives that we live, from the ordinary every day to the extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime.


This strand is solely for Hull Truck Theatre produced work, found mainly in the main theatre. You will find highlights in our theatre brochures and we have regular Spring, Summer and Autumn slots – as well as our Youth Theatre and family Christmas show.

If you are interested in having your work programmed at Hull Truck Theatre:


If the show is tour-ready, please send a tour pack to with copy, images, reviews, and an indication of who the work is for. Please do not send a script or DVD unless requested. Please do be clear about how you think your work fits into one (or more) of the first three programming strands.


If the show is in development, please introduce yourself and your work and tell us why you are interested in working with Hull Truck Theatre and what your work offers our audiences. Let us know where and when we can see your work, and which other industry partners you are working with. We rarely programme work by artists whose work we are not familiar with, so invitations to festivals, showcases and scratch performances in advance of tour booking are welcome. We also take recommendations from industry colleagues.


Hull Truck Theatre is a member of Venues North, a group of 20 venues from across the North of England who are committed to supporting artists to create new work. The group’s aim is to work together as venues to support new and emerging artists from the North to get their work more widely seen regionally, nationally and internationally. The group meets regularly to develop and share best practice around talent development, and the compilation of this new guide, Routes In: A guide to getting work programmed in the North of England, is a response to the group’s experience of being approached by artists and companies trying to get their work programmed.

Routes In contains lots of hints and tips about how to build relationships with venues, along with details about each venue’s artistic policy and how to contact them about your work.

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