‘Turn on the Radio’ released the 30th of January 2019 ! Watch the new video !
The song kicks off her upcoming album ‘Let’s go Outside’

Ingrid Nomad released her debutalbum ‘We are One’ in October 2016 and is currently working on the release of her 2nd album. Her debutalbum entered FYC to the 60th Grammy’s 2018 in New York. The trailer ‘We are One’ was put on all social media of ‘International Jazz Day’.

Most of the tunes are actually immersive songs (often lyrical ballads). She likes to call it Indiblue music.
The singer brings her own lyrics to life with lots of expression and thus weaves her own universe in which the musicians play a beautiful part.

She sets out a firm melodic and strong line. Signing up with refined arrangements, this album is very homogenous in atmosphere.

‘Time and Water’ are outright beautiful. You’ll get entrance to a very beautiful build up world of lyrics and tunes in harmony with each other. A voice and lyrics that have something to say.

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