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Luca Manning is an individual – an exciting artist with a big voice and a story to tell. Shaped initially by the buzzing Glasgow music and arts scene, Luca now finds their heart stolen by all that East London has to offer. Stylistically androgynous in both their music and presentation, Luca continually blurs lines and questions rigidity at every opportunity. Luca’s journey so far has included collaborating with Glasgow nujazz collective corto.alto, performing at the EFG London Jazz Festival Opening Gala ‘Jazz Voice’ and collaborating with dancer, choreographer and all round icon Steph Burrell. In their spare time Luca enjoys dancing to disco, turning lewks and dreaming of the day they’ll own a baby sausage dog called Aretha.

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...It’s a very direct, at times gut-wrenching voice, without any redundant gimmicks or bragging shenanigans.
- Matthias Kirsch, ginalovesjazz.com, Berlin
This young guy has one of the most beautiful, most honestly-delivered voices I’ve heard for a long time
– Ian Shaw
With Luca, you get such a complete musical experience. He is so honest and true when he sings. He has a very old soul for someone so young and I look forward to listening to a lot more of his music.
- Liane Carroll

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Luca Manning
Our Journey
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Luca Manning
Two Grey Rooms
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