Jazz FM, BBC featured 2019 100% indie. Extremely Limited pressing. . Some of the finest UK jazz musicians available in the here and now. The music is a journey for the senses, a detailed musical investigation of the immediate place of creation, an invitation for the inner voice of your soul, spoken words, poetry. I’ve worked in the UK jazz scene for 35 years, this is my debut album.Individually Fine art painted covers. Recycled materials !!! A complete UK European worldwide first, This album is a 1 off and will never be hand made again. Hand made recycled covers, hand-painted one-off album cover art by a fine artist MFA. 1 Vinyl album hand-painted cover, insert book + original separate wall art. This is a totally indie jazz project and helps me survive as an independent jazz musician & fine artist., Please support the indie arts if you can, every day is just survival, thank you, Andy x

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