Swanage Jazz Festival will be back in July 2019 – watch this space!



The Conservative Club 27 Kings Rd E, Swanage BH19 1HE

The Mowlem Theatre Shore Rd, Swanage BH19 1DD

Harman’s Cross Village Hall Haycraft’s Ln, Swanage BH19 3EB

The British Legion 150 High St, Swanage BH19 2PA

The Youth Centre Chapel Ln, Swanage BH19 2PW

The Methodist Church 105 High St, Swanage BH19 2LZ

The Red Lion 63 High St, Swanage BH19 2LY

The White Swan The Square, 31 High St, Swanage BH19 2LJ

The Black Swan 159 High St, Swanage BH19 2NE

Prince Albert Gardens Swanage BH19 2AR

The Old Stone Quay 1 High St, Swanage BH19 2LN

Just a note to thank all the musicians, fans and stewards who have made Swanage Jazz Festival so enjoyable and have helped it to survive over 28 years. It’s been a labour of love for me, though I’ve always had to keep a rein on my desires to book more bands than we could really accommodate or afford. Playing a small part in keeping the jazz scene healthy was important, booking established musicians (many of who I regard as friends) but also giving space to younger and frequently very adventurous musicians. There has always been a sufficient number of fans willing to give the smaller venues and new bands a hearing, and sometimes a standing ovation! The Festival has acquired a good reputation among musicians and fans for friendliness and a professional and effective but relaxed organisation, as well as for the variety and quality of the music we have presented. It has been organised by fans for fans. We’ve made a lot of friends, some of whom have been coming since the first small event, and who we hope to see again at Swanage and at other festivals.

The 28th festival sold-out and was our most successful since 2011, when we sold out several weeks before. I’m very grateful to all the fans and musicians who said how much they enjoyed it.  I’d like to say a special thank to three people who have been specially important to the history of the Festival: to Roger Horton, long-time owner of the 100 Club, our President for many years, who helped enormously at the beginning, and has been a friend since: to Dave Brennan, our Vice-President, now recovering from a long illness; and to Alan Barnes, lately our President, for much great music and advice and friendship over the 28 years, since he came as a stripling with Humph’s band in 1990.   “Swanage was the perfect place for a summer weekend of jazz”. “It always offered contrasts”, as Peter Vacher wrote in his review in Jazzwise September issue, with most of the variety of music we call jazz on offer. The final night of the Festival offered John Maddocks brilliant New Orleans band with young diva Sinead McCaine, and the Dave Newton-Clark Tracey’s Octet playing ‘Bootleg Eric’. To quote Peter again:”To say this sequence of performances was exceptional is insufficient: the writing was outstanding, the on-stage dynamism palpable and the solo power of Messrs Fishwick, Nightingale, Barnes, Garnett and Fowler only exceeded by the rhythmic levitations of Newton, Cleyndert and Clark themselves. What a way to go!”   The Festival Board decided last year that this would be the final Festival for them: as I said in my introduction to the Festival programme, age and illness have taken their toll on most members and we wanted to go out on a high. We had several approaches from people anxious Swanage Jazz Festival should not die. The only one which seemed to us to have a prospect of succeeding came from the guitarist Nigel Price, who has played at the Festival many times. It will be a new event, no doubt with some differences from the past. We offer him our best wishes.    Fred Lindop Retiring Director 


On behalf of Swanage Jazz Festival I’d like to thank all the bands and individual musicians who have played at our Festival over the years. Its been a great experience.


Humphrey Lyttelton Band  Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Dick Morrissey Quartet  De Luxe Blues Band  Swanage Festival All Stars with Norman Thatcher  Swanage Swing Quintet  Campbell Burnap  John Wurr  Stan Greig/Alan Barnes Quartet


Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  John Shillito Rhythm Aces  Dick Morrissey Quartet  Don Weller/Art Themen Quintet  Mission Hall Jazz Band  Panama Jazz Kings  John Wurr with swanage Swing QuintetAlan Barnes  Martin Litton  Maxine Daniels  Chris Walker Quartet  Monty Warlock/Tony Carter Duo  Geoff Williams/Jerry Underwood Quartet  Within the Word  Barrelhouse All Stars


Marilyn Middleton Pollock  Alan Barnes/Janusz Carmello/David Newton  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Johnny Mars and the Barrelhouse Allstars   Zenith Hot Stompers  Arthur Brown’s Jazz Band  Alan Elsdon  Art Themen/Don Weller  Bobby Wellins  Campbell Burnap/John Wurr  Roger Marks  John Shillito Rhthym Aces  Mission Hall Jazz Band  Charlie Hearnshaw Quartet  Andy Hague Quintet  Roy Pellett Hot Four Geoff Williams Quartet with Dave O’Higgins  Chris Walker Quintet  Teign Valley Jazzmen Monty Warlock/Tony Carter Duo  Dave Bowen Quartet  Ray D’Inverno Trio


Spike Robinson  Ken Peplowski  Dave Brennan Heritage Jazz Band  Arthur Brown Jazz Band  Maxine Daniels  Beryl Bryden  Bobby Wellins  Alan Barnes  David Newton  Zoot Money Gary Potter Trio  Cutty Sark Jazz Band  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars  Mingus Fingers   Sonny Dee All Stars  Andy Hague Quintet  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Gerard Presencer  John Shillito Rhythm Aces  Duncan Anselm Quartet  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Geoff Simkins  Charlie Hearnshaw  Roy Pellett Hot Four  Chris Walker Quintet  Dave Bowen Quartet  Swanage Modern Jazz Trio Dennis Taylor Trio


Marilyn Middleton Pollock  Don Weller  Ray Alexander  Alan Barnes  Claire Martin’s Quintet  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz  Cutty Sark Jazz Band  Art Themen  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Keith and Marcia Pendlebury  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Bob Hunt’s Ellington Orchestra  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Sonny Morris Delta Jazz Band  Ben Cohen’s Hot Five  Duncan Swift  Willy Garnett  Martin Litton  Julian Arguelles  John Barnes  Chris Walker Quintet  Ronny Horler Quintet  Mingus Fingers  Beachcomber Stompers  Contos Sol  Wamma Jamma  Swanage Modern Jazz Trio Universal Jazz Band


Spike Robinson  ‘Lady Linda’ Young and Tuba Fats  Ray Alexander  Tommy Burton  Arthur Brown Jazz Band  Ben Cohen’s Hot Seven with Pauline Pearce  Denise Lawrence and Storyville Tickle  Tina May Quartet   Alan Barnes  Tony Coe  John Barnes  Dave Cliff  Guy Barker  David Newton  Dave O’Higgins  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Bob Oliver Hot Seven  Andy Hague Brass Reality  Theo Travis Quartet  Chris Walker Quintet  John Wurr  Keith Nichols  Roy Pellett Hot Four  Panama Jazz Kings  Beachcomber Stompers  Kevin Figes Quartet  John Miles Quartet  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra


Marilyn Middleton Pollock  Tommy Burton Sporting House Quartet  Zenith New Orleans Jazz Band (Sydney)  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz with Pauline Pearce  Campbell Burnap  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Alan Skidmore  Pete King  Don Weller  Claire Martin Quartet  Alan Barnes  Gerard Presencer  Alan Ganley  Dave Green  Dave Shepherd  Art Themen  Willy Garnett  Dave Cliff  Deirdre Cartwright Band  Geoff Simkins  Ian Cruickshank and Jeff Green    Bob Hall  John Wurr  Keith Nichols Quintet  Dave Brennan Heritage Jazz Band  Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band  Paul Munnery Harlem Six  Randy Colville Collection  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Misson Hall Jazz Band  John Donaldson/Jay Denson Quartet  Chris Walker Quintet  Kelvin Christiane Quartet  Andy Crowdy/Jez Cook  Mark Edwards  Neil Angilley  Rhythm Town  What Four  Heavy Quartet  Northern Jazz Orchestra  Swanage Modern Jazz Trio  Liane Carroll


Acoustic Mania  with Antonio Forcione and Neil Stacey  Ray Alexander  Apex Jazz Band Duncan Anselm Quartet  Julian Arguelles Quartet  Alan Barnes Trio  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Chris Biscoe  Jim Blomfield Trio  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Frank Brooker  Liane Carroll/Roger Carey  Leon Clayton  Max Collie Rhythm Aces  John Donaldson  Dave Donohoe Jazz Band  Andy Hague Quintet  Harlem Six  Harry Strutters  Sue Hawker/Rob Koral  Heavy Quartet  Bob Hunt  Stacey Kent/Jim Tomlinson  Kimbara Brothers  Martin Litton  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Duncan McKay  Mingus Fingers  Paul Munnery  Paul Rigby with Northern Jazz Orchestra  John Pearce  Roy Pellett’s Hot Four  Gary Potter Trio  Alan Skidmore  Keith Smith  Duncan Swift  Tenor Madness with Spike Robinson Bobby Wellins and John Barnes  Art Themen  Andrea Vicari Quartet with Mornington Lockett  Chris Walker Quintet  Byron Wallen  Chris Watford Dallas Dandies  Don Weller  Bobby Worth


Bruce Adams  Mark Alloway Quartet with Bridget Metcalfe  Gilad Atzmon Quartet  Alan Barnes Sextet  Berkshire Youth Orchestra  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Frank Brooker Campbell Burnap  Liane Carroll Trio  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz with Pauline Pearce  Ian Dixon  Jeff Green  Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers  Andy Hague Quintet  Pete Jacobsen Trio  Colin Kingwell Jazz Bandits Paul Lacey/Robert Fowler Quintet  Cy Laurie  John Maddocks Jazz Band  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Tina May Quartet  Mission Hall Jazz Band  Sarah Moule Quartet  Sonny Morris Delta Jazz Band  New Orleans Swingtet  Dave Newton  Andy Panayi  John Pearce  Gary Potter Trio  Gerard Presencer  Severn Jazzmen  Chris Walker Quintet  Matt Wates Sextet  Tommy Whittle  James Williams  John Wurr  Zenith Hot Stompers


Bruce Adams  Apex Jazz Band  Robin Aspland  Alan Barnes  Bayou Blue  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Boston Tea Party  Dave Bowen Quintet  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz  Band  Steve Brown  Deirdre Cartwright Quintet  Chicago Breakdown  Dave Cliff  Andy Cleyndert  Ben Cohen Hot Five  Martin Dale Quartet  Mike Daniels Delta Jazzmen  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Bob Dwyer Hot Seven  Kevin Flanagan  Liz Fletcher  Willie Garnett  Jonathan Gee Trio  Lee Goodall Trio and Quartet  Dave Green  Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers  Bob Hunt Ellington Band  Mick Hutton  Dave Keech Quintet  Stacey Kent with Jim Tomlinson  Paul Lacey Sextet Martin Litton  Duncan McKay  Craig Milverton  Dave Newton  John Piper  Marilyn Middleton Pollock  Phil Robson/Julian Siegel Quartet  Dave Shepherd  Martin Speake  Sunset Cafe Stompers  Sweet Thunder  Art Themen  Andy Urquhart Quintet with Tony Woods  Ben Waghorn Quartet plus Paul Booth and Pete Wareham  Chris Walker Quintet Don Weller


Ray Alexander  Julian Arguelles Quartet  Gilad Atzmon Quartet  Alan Barnes  Jim Blomfield ‘Septimbre’  Boston Tea Party   Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band with Grand Marshall Jeff Gilpin  Frank Brooker Quartet  Liane Carroll Trio  Ben Castle  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz  Leon Clayton  John Donaldson  Liz Fletcher  Paula Gardiner 6  Andy Hague Quintet  Billy Harper Trio  Tom Herbert  Scott Hamilton  Trudy Kerr  Tony Kofi  Martin Litton  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Bob Martin  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Tina May and Nicky Iles  Sonny Morris Delta Jazz Band  Mark Nightingale  Papa Joe’s All Stars  John Parricelli  Dick Pearce   Roy Pellett Hot Four  Gary Potter Trio  Tim Richards Trio  Second Line Jazz Band  Severn Jazzmen  Geoff Simkins  Sister Sadie  Tom Skinner  Keith Smith Tribute to Louis  Theo Travis Quartet  Vintage Jazz  Chris Walker Quintet  Byron Wallen  Chris Watford New Orleans Standard Bearers  Jim Watson  Bobby Wellins  Roy Williams  Bobby Worth  John Wurr  Young Blood


Bob Hunt Ellington Orchestra  Don Weller Big Band  Bruce Adams  Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble  Des Bacon Red Hot Syncopators with Jo Cadman  Tony Barnard  Alan Barnes   Tribute to Cannonball  Dave Barry  Roger Beaujolais Quintet  Richard Bennett Jazz Band  Chris Biscoe  Blue Note Jazz Band with Hannah Wedlock  Boston Tea Party  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Damon Brown Quintet  Steve Brown  Campbell Burnap  Andy Cleyndert  Ben Cohen Hot Seven  Dustan Coulber Quartet  Renato D’Aiello  Andy Dickens Quintet  John Donaldson  Dave Donohoe Jazz Band  Bob Dwyer Hot Seven  Gary Kavanagh/Joe Robinson Quintet  Pete King  Colin Kingwell Jazz Bandits  Paul Lacey/Robert Fowler Quintet  Martin Litton  Mornington Lockett  Mark Lockheart  Henry Lowther  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Craig Milverton  Mingus Moves  Mission Jazz Band  Jim Mullen  Paul Munnery Septet  Marie Murphy with Leon Greening  Dave Newton  Dick Pearce  Gary Potter Trio  Zoe Rahman  Polar Bear  Sextant  Arnie Somogyi  Andra Sparks  Neil Stacey Trio Art Themen  Clark Tracey New Band  Chris Walker Quintet with Dave Shepherd  Pete Wareham  Steve Waterman  Don Weller  John Wurr  Young Blood


Bruce Adams  Lennart Andersson  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes Nonet  Larry Bartley  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Steve Brown  Liane Carroll Trio  Deirdre Cartwright Quartet  Ben Castle  Alison Cawley Quintet  Laurie Chescoe Good Time Jazz with Val Wiseman  Dave Cliff  Cubana Bop Angelo Debarre Quartet  Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band  Steve Fishwick  Gambit Jazzmen   Liz Fletcher  Lee Gibson  Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers  Hampshire Youth Jazz Band  Harry Strutters  Higginbottom/Mayne Quartet  Indigo  Alan James and All That Jazz  Tony Kofi  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Tina May Paris Quartet  Colin Meddicks Gentlemen of Jazz  Steve Melling  Jim Mullen Organ Trio  Dave Newton  Mark Nightingale  Andy Panayi  John Pearce  Roy Pellett Hot Four  Mike Piggott  Roy Potts Five and a Penny Band  Second Line Jazz Band  Sir Alan’s Jazz  Matt Skelton  Tom Skinner  Spike’s Young Lions  Sunset Cafe Stompers  John Viskant  Chris Walker Swingtet  Byron Wallen  Matt Wates Sextet  Chris Watford Chicago Feetwarmers  Jim Watson  Bobby Wellins  Tim Whitehead Sight-reading Mothers  Tony Woods Project  Bobby Worth Quartet  John Wurr  Laura Zakian


Acoustic Ladyland  Lennart Andersson Gilad Atzmon Quartet  Alan Barnes Baker Street Irregulars  Sherlock Holmes Suite  Blue Note Jazz Band with Hannah Wedlock  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Campbell Burnap  Liane Carroll Trio  Rod Chambers and His Louisiana Joymakers  Ken Colyer Trust New Orleans Band  Bryan Corbett Quartet  Ben Crosland Quartet  Jamie Cullum Trio Renato D’Aiello ‘Confluences’ Quintet  Martin Dale Quartet  Andy Dickens Quintet  Geoff Eales Trio  Fishwick Brothers Quintet  Michael Garrick Tribute to Joe Harriott  Andy Hague Quintet  Clare Hirst Quartet  Bob Kerr Whoopee Band  Rob Koral Quartet with Sue Hawker  Denise Lawrence Band   Sue Kibbey  Kirk Lightsey Trio  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Roger Mark Armada Jazz Band  Craig Milverton Trio  Gerry Brown and the Mission Hall Band  Marie Murphy  New Gateway Jazz Band  Keith Nichols Blue Devils  Papa Joe All Stars  Gary Potter Trio  Gwilym Simcock Nonet  Sporting House Strings  Swedish Jazz Kings  Clare Teal  Paul Towndrow Quartet  Patrick Villanueva Organ Trio  Will Vinson Quartet  Chris Walker Swingtet with Dave Shepherd and John Wurr


Greg Abate  David Akumu  Des Bacon Red Hot Syncopators  Alan Barnes The Latin Band  Roger Beaujolais Quintet  Allen Beechey Bright Stars of Jazz  Richard Bennett New Orleans Jazz Band  Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra  Kid Boyd Band  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Anna Brooks Quintet  Damon Brown Quintet  John Burch Trio  Liane Carroll Trio  Jack Kid Carter  Kelvin Christiane Quartet  Crazy Rhythm  Pat Crumbly Quartet  Angelo Debarre Quartet  Delta Jazz Band with Colin Bowden  Dorset youth Jazz Orchestra  Bob Dwyer Hot Seven  Michael Hashim  Hot House  Hot Strings  Barbara Jay  TJ Johnson Bourbon Kicks  Ed Jones Quartet  Dylan Kay Quartet  Trudy Kerr Quintet Tribute to Chet Baker  Pete King Quartet  Steve Lane’s Red Hot Peppers with Pam Heagren  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell  Paul Munnery Sextet  Organomaly  Panama Jazz Kings  Mike Piggott  Tim Richards Trio  Zoe Schwarz Trio  Second Line Jazzmen  Ian Shaw Quartet  John Shjillito Select Six  Loz Speyer Inner Space Quartet  Sunset Cafe Stompers  Art Themen  Chris Walker Swingtet Byron Wallen  Anita Wardell Quartet  Don Weller Quartet  Tommy Whittle  Zenith Hot Stompers


Greg Abate  Acoustic Ladyland  Bruce Adams  Luke Annesley Quartet  Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble  Alan Barnes Quintet Harry Becket Quintet  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Christian Brewer Quintet   Steve Brown  Campbell Burnap  Dave Cliff  Bryan Corbett Quartet  John Donaldson  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band  Tim Eyles and the Gentlemen of Jazz  Liz Fletcher  Gambit Jazz Band  Dave Green  Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers  Andy Hague Sextet  Gary Kavanagh Quartet  Colin Kingwell Jazz Bandits  Tony Kofi Quartet Plays Monk  John Law Trio  Richard Leach Seven Stars of Jazz  Martin Litton  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Martinique Jazz Band  Craig Milverton  Tadd Newton Jazz Friends  Victoria Newton  Okeh All Stars  Old Thumper Jazz Band  Mike Outram  Partisans  Pedalmania  Roy Pellett Dixie Five  Phil Peskett  Polar Bear  Karen Sharp Quartet  Ian Shaw Quartet  Dave Shepherd Swing Fever  Sir Alan’s Jazz Band  Matt Skelton  Keith Smith’s Jazz Band  Martin Speake Constellation  Simon Thorpe  Enrico Tomasso  Theo Travis Quartet  Bobby Wellins Quartet  Dave Wickens  Kate Williams Quartet  Kathleen Willison Trio  John Wur


Antique Six Jazz Band  Dennis Armstrong Festival Band  Alan Barnes Quartet  Allen Beechey Bright Stars of Jazz  Chris Biscoe Quintet  Black Botton Stompers  Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Mike Carr’s Blue Note Band  Liane Carroll Trio  Jack Kid Carter  Andy Cleyndert  Tim Collinson Quartet  Mark Crooks  Andy Dickens Band  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  John Donaldson  Martin Drew New Couriers  Joanne Eden  Clare Hirst Quartet  Hokum  Dylan Howe Quintet  Pete King Tribute to Elvin Jones  Johnny Lippiett  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Janette Mason Quartet with Julian Siegel  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars  with Christine Tyrrell  Tina May  Esther Miller  Danny Moss  David Newton  Newton/Tracey Band  Keith Nichols Blue Devils with Joan Viskant  Liam Noble  Organ Trio  Colin Oxley  Mike Pigott Second Line Jazzmen  Gwilym Simcock  Matt Skelton  Simon Spillett   Sporting House Strings  Sunset Cafe Stompers  Sussex Jazz Kings  Clark Tracey  Ben Waghorn Quartet  Chris Walker Swingtet  Steve Waterman Sextet  Spike Wells Trio  Don Weller Electric Octet  Tony Woods Project  Laura Zakian


Greg Abate  Bruce Adams/Alan Barnes Quintet  Lennart Andersson  Gilad Atzmon Quartet  Des Bacon Red Hot Syncopators  Alan Barnes Sextet  Dave Barry Quintet  Blink  Jim Blomfield Septimbre  Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Budapest Ragtime Band  Liane Carroll Trio  Jack Carter  Rod Chambers and the Louisiana Joymakers Andy Cleyndert  Andy Cooper Top 8  Renato D’Aiello Quintet  Dart Valley Stompers  John Donaldson  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Ron Drake  Bob Dwyer’s Hot Seven  Liz Fletcher  Robert Fowler/Karen Sharp Quintet  Tim Eyles and the Gentleman of Jazz  Charlotte Glasson Quartet  Andy Hague’s Big Band  Basil Hodge Quintet  Matt Hone  TJ Johnson and his Band  Steve Kaldestad/Colin Oxley Quartet  Killer Shrimp  Tony Kofi Organ Trio Plus One  Rob Koral Quintet featuring Zoe Schwarz and Sue Hawker  Lea DeLaria Quartet John Maddocks Jazzmen  Gerry Brown’s Mission Hall Band  David Newton  Michael Mwenso Quintet  Liam Nobel  Papa Joe All Stars  Tony Pitt All Stars  Gary Potter Trio  Zoe Rahman Trio  Dave Moorward’s Rascals of Rhythm  Arnie Somogyi Tommaso Starace Quintet  Carol Sudhalter  Chris Walker Quintet


Dennis Armstrong Oliver Band  Baddest Blues Band  Bob Barnard and His Classic European Jazz Band  Alan Barnes Woodville All Stars  Roger Beaujolais Quintet   Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Budapest Ragtime Band  Kelvin Christiane Quartet  Dave Cliff/Geoff Simkins  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Julie Dunne/John Harler Trio, featuring Tony Coe  Empirical  Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band  Kevin Figes Quartet  Jo Fooks Quartet  Lee Gibson  Carol Grimes Quartet with Annie Whitehead  Andy Hamilton and the Bluenotes  with Vic Evans  Tony Kofi  Paul Lacey Quintet  Richard Leach 7 Stars of Jazz  Martin Litton Red Hot Peppers  Liquorice-stick Allsorts  Georgia Mancio Quartet  Lollo Meier Quartet  Millennium Eagle Jazz Band  Roy Pellett Swingtet  Mike Piggott  Amy Roberts Jazztet Original Rags  Pedalmania  Savannah Jazz Band  Dave Shepherd Dixielanders  Julian Siegel Quartet  John Shillito Select Six  Arnie Somogyi Scenes in the City  Sporting House Strings  Dave Stapleton Quintet  Art Themen Quartet  Art Themen Trio Plays Sonny Rollins  Enrico Tomasso  Paul Towndrow Quartet  Chris Walker Swingtet  Matt Wates Sextet  Aaron Weinstein  Tommy Whittle  John Wurr


Greg Abate  Bruce Adams  Alton College Bands  Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble  Barnard/Williams/Green Band  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes Ellingtonians  Chris Biscoe Quartet  Brass Volcano  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra  Budapest Ragtime Band  Liane Carroll Trio  Deirdre Cartwright/Kathy Dyson, Emily Remembered  Tom Cawley Curios  Charlestown Jazz Band  The Cheshire Cats  Ben Cummings  Dart Valley Stompers  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Chris Eldred Trio  Get the Blessing  Steve Graham Classic Jazz Band  Colin Hodgkinson Back Door Too  Clare Hirst Quartet  Gary Kavanagh/Allison Neale Quartet  Sam Leak Trio  Keith Little Jazz Band  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Roger Marks Armada Jazz Band  Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars  Craig Milverton Trio with Martin Dale  Sarah Moule Quartet  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols Blue Devils with Joan Viskant  Octuple Odyssey  Okeh Jazz Band  Any Panayi Quartet  Louis Parker  Chris Rand Quartet  Savannah Jazz Band  Ian Shaw Sophie Smith  Simon Spillett Quartet  Sussex Jazz Kings  Three Tenors Sextet  Clark Tracey Sextet  JJ Vinten Band  Chris Walker Old Thumper Band  Don Weller/Bobby Wellins Quintet


Antique Six Jazz Band  Gilad Atzmon  Des Bacon Red Hot Syncopators  Back Door Too  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes Festival Octet  Blue Note Jazz Band featuring Hannah Wedlock  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Jack Carter  Laurie Chescoe Re-union Band with Val Wiseman  Renato’s Italian Band with Christian Brewer  John Donaldson Quartet  Kit Downes Trio  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Judy Eames Jazz Revellers  Tim Eyles Jazz  Sarah Gillespie Quartet  Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers  Andy Hague Quintet  Jim Hart Quartet  Hotsy Totsy  Henry Armburg Jennings Quintet  TJ Johnson Band  Trudy Kerr Band featuring David Newton  Pete King Quartet featuring Steve Melling  Spats Langham  John  Law Art of Sound Trio  Lea DeLaria  Richard Leach 7 Stars of Jazz  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Tina May/Nicky Iles  Tracey Mendham Quartet  Paul Munnery Hooty and the Gang  New Orleans Heat  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols and the Blue Devils  Liam Noble  Mike Pigott  Richard Pite 100 Years of Jazz in 99 minutes  Gary Potter Trio Nigel Price Trio with Vasilis Xenopoulos  Amy Roberts  Zoe Schwarz/Rob Koral Quartet  John Shillito Select Six  Dave Stapleton Quintet  Stan Tracey Octet  Stan Tracey Trio  Chris Walker Old Thumper Jazz Band John Wurr


Greg Abate  Alton College Jazz Bands  Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble  Alan Barnes  Brass Jaw  Brass Volcanoes  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Liane Carroll Trio Trish Clowes Quartet  Andrew Colman Quartet  John Critchinson/Art Themen Quartet with Jacqui Hicks  Dart Valley Stompers  Andy Dickens Quintet  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  James Evans Rocket 5  Gambit Jazz Band  Michael Garrick Quartet Plays MJQ Charlotte Glasson Quintet  Golden Eagle Jazz Band  Great Western Jazz Co  Frank Griffiths Sextet  John Horler  Mick Hutton Quartet  Michael Janisch Purpose Built Quintet  Tony Kofi Standards Trio  Led Bib  Martin Litton Red Hot Peppers  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Gill Manly  Janette Mason Trio  Millennium Eagle Jazz Band  Craig Milverton  Keith Nichols Tribute to Louis  Keith Nichols Quartet  Not Just Sax with Louise Clare Marshall  Nova Scotia Jazz Band  Original Rags  Pedalmania  Rachel’s Dream  Savannah Jazz Band  Terry Seabrook Milestones  Ian Shaw and his Band featuring Peter Ind  Asaf Sirkis Trio  Julian Mark Stringle  Sussex Jazz Kings  Christine Tobin Quartet  JJ Vinten Band  Chris Walker Old Thumper Jazz Band  Byron Wallen Quartet  JJ Wheeler Quintet  Kate Williams Septet  World Service Project  Yots K Quartet


ACV  Brandon Allen Sextet  Simon Allen Quintet  Alton College Jazz Bands  Josh Arcoleo Quartet  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes/David Newton Duo  Roger Beaujolais Trio  Cuff Billett New Europa Jazz Band  Brass Volcanoes  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Brownfield/Byrne Quintet  Deirdre Cartwright Picnic  Dave Cliff   Compassionate Dictatorship  The Condonians Jazz Band  Adrian Cox Sextet  Lea DeLaria and the Dirty Martinis  The Dixie Ticklers  Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band  Amina Figarova Quintet  Kevin Figes Quintet  Liz Fletcher Quintet with Andy Panayi  Alex Garnett Jazz Ambassadors  Zoe Gulby Quartet  Arun Ghosh Horn and Brass Quintet  Steve Graham’s New Orleans Band  Andy Hague Text Messengers  Frank Harrison Trio  Martin Litton and His Rhythm ‘Your Feets Too Big’  Magic Hat Ensemble  Roger Marks Cornish Armada Jazz Band  Dave Mason’s Jabbo Five  Craig Milverton Trio  Gerry Brown and the Mission Hall Band  Newton/Tracey Octet  Keith Nichols Blue Devils featuring Joan Viskant  Keith Nichol Quintet  Mike Outram Organ Trio  Partisans  Chris Pearce Frenchmen Street Band  Julian Phillips  Mike Pigott  Chris Rand Quartet  Amy Roberts Festival Quintet  Martin Speake Standards Trio  Simon Spillett Quartet  Sporting House Strings  Spats Langham  Stars of British Jazz   Chris Walker Old Thumper Band  Anita Wardell Quartet  Matt Wates Sextet  Abram Wilson’s Sextet featuring Pete King Jean Toussaint and Winston Rollins  Tony Woods Project


Greg Abate  Alton College Jazz Bands  Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble  Alan Barnes  Brass Jaw   Mark Bassey Plays Basie  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band Christian Brewer/Damon Brown Quintet  Liane Carroll Trio  Laurie Chescoe Reunion Band with Pauline Pearce  Trish Clowes Quartet  Renato D\Aiello Italian Quartet  Dart Valley Stompers  Roy D’Inverno Quintet  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Kit Downes Quintet  Steve Fishwick/Osian Roberts International Sextet  Sarah Gillespie Band  Charlotte Glasson Quintet  Leon Greening Trio  Richard Leach 7 Stars of Jazz  Mark Lockheart Ellington In Anticipation  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Millennium Eagle Jazz Band  Craig Milverton Trio  New Orleans Heat  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols Blue Devils featuring Joan Viskant  Julian Phillips  Power Cats  Amy Roberts  Savannah Jazz Band  Zoe Schwarz/Rob Koral Quintet  John Shilliton Select 6  Sir Alan’s Hot Groovers  Steve Melling Trio with Nigel Hitchcock  Arnie Somogyi Scenes of the City  Karen Street Streetworks  Sussex Jazz Kings  Jean Toussaint Quartet  Clark Tracey Quintet  Tribute to British Trad  Steve Waterman Septet  Bobby Wellins and Kate Williams Trio  John Wurr All Stars


Greg Abate  Alton College Jazz Bands  Des Bacon’s Red Hot Syncopators with Ed Hughes  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes Reed Breed  Mark Bassey Plays Basie  Roger Beaujolais Quartet  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Brownfield/Byrne Quintet  Darius Brubeck Quartet  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Bob Dwyer Bix and Pieces  Fletcher’s Brew with Brandon Allen  Gambit Jazzmen  Arun Ghosh Quintet  Steve Graham Classic Jazz  Clare Hirst Quintet  Ollie Howell Quintet  Jelly Beans Jazz Band  Ben Holder  Hot Fingers  JO QE (Queen Elizabeth School Wimborne)  Laura Jurd Quartet  Krupa Connection  Fapy Lafertin Quartet  Spats Langham  Magnificent Seven Jazz Band  Tina May/Lee Gibson Sophisticated Ladies  Craig Milverton Trio  Dave Moorward Big Bear Stompers  Sarah Moule Quartet with Mike Gorman  Jim Mullen Trio with Stan Sulzman  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols Blue Devils featuring Joan Viskant  One Hundred Years of Jazz  Pauline Pearce  Julian Phillips  Nigel Price Organ Trio with Vasilis Xenopoulos  Matt Ridley Trio with Jason Yarde  Amy Roberts  Ian Shaw  Sound of Blue Note  Swanage Festival All Stars featuring Don Weller, Art Themen, BruceAdams, Alan Barnes and David Newton  Tribute to British Trad  Stephanie Trick  Troyka  UT Funk(Twynham School Christchurch)  JJ VInten Jazz Band  Gareth Williams/Dave Green Duo  Bobby Worth Quintet and John Wurr


Alton College Jazz Bands  Gilad Orient House Ensemble  Alan Barnes  Alan Barnes Reed Breed  Larry Bartley and Just Us  Richard Bennett Band  Chris Biscoe Profiles of Mingus  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Tom Cawley Curios  Laurie Chescoe Reuion Band  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  Rachael Cohen Quartet  Renato D’Aiello Quartet  Richard Exall  Digby Fairweather Half Dozen  Kevin Figes 4-sided Triangle  Christian Garrick Quartet  Sarah Gillespie Quintet  Andy Hague Conjunto Gringo  Ben Holder  Hot Jazz Alliance  Henry Armburg Jennings Trio  JO QE  Spats Langham  Martin Litton Martin Litton Red Hot Peppers  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Magnificent Seven Jazz Band  Georgia Mancio Quartet featuring David Newton  Millennium Eagle Jazz Band  Gerry Brown and his Mission Hall Band  MJQ Celebration  Allison Neale Quintet  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols Blue Devils featuring Joan Viskant  Pauline Pearce  Pedigree Jazz Band  Julian Phillips  Omar Puente Quartet  Alison Rayner Quintet  Sue Richardson Trio  Phil Robson Organ Trio  Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio  ‘Roots and Herbs’ Jean Toussaint Blakey Project  Savannah Jazz Band  Karen Sharp/Robert Fowler Quintet  John Shillito Jazz  Sarah Smith Trio  Sunset Cafe Stompers  Sussex Jazz Kings  Stan Tracey Dynasty Octet  UT Funk  JJ Wheeler Quintet


Greg Abate  Pete Allen Jazz Band  Alton College Jazz Bands  Alan Barnes  Big Screen  Dave Brennan Jubilee Jazz Band  Budapest Ragtime Band  John Burgess Alex Welsh Remembered  Buck Clayton Legacy Band  Andy Cleyndert Quartet  Mike Denham/Steve Graham/Hamish Maxwell  Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra  FB Pocket Orchestra  Tim Garland Quartet  Arun Ghosh Quintet  Zoe Gilby Quartet  Glow Quartet  Kevin Grenfell/Richard Leach Slide by Slide  Remi Harris Trio  Baby Jools’ Jazzaholics  Kofi/Barnes Aggregation  TJ Johnson Band  JO QE  Spats Langham  Dave Martin Jabbo Five  Janette Mason Trio  John Maddocks Jazzmen  Craig Milverton Trio  Mountbatten Big Band  Keith Nichols  Keith Nichols Blue Devils ‘Harlem Nights’  Mark Nightingale/Alistair White Quintet  Dave O’Higgins Quartet  Old Hat Jazz Band  Andy Panayi Trio Plays ‘Tenor Madness’   Julian Phillips  Pigfoot  Mike Pigott  Amy Roberts/Richard Exall Quintet  Ian Shaw  Richard Exall Shooting Stars with Amy Roberts  Matt Skelton/Colin Skinner Septet Play Ellington and Basie  Sarah Smith Trio  Henry Spencer Juncture  Stan Sulzman/Geoff Simkins Quintet  Art Themen New Directions Quintet  Tribute to Jazz at the Philharmonic Christine Tyrrell  UT Funk  Andy Urquhart Quintet featuring Julie Lewis.


Alan Barnes  Alton College Jazz Bands Amina Figarova Quintet Amy Roberts Andy Hague Silverado Art Themen Arun Ghosh Quintet Claude Deppa – Clare Hirst Quintet Craig Milverton Trio Darius Brubeck QuartetDart Valley Stompers Dave Brennan’s Jubilee Jazz Band Dixie Strollers Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra Freddie Gavita Quartet Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble Greg Abate Harlem Meer Cats Ivo Neame Quartet Jean Toussaint Quartet JO QE (Queen Elizabeth School Wimborne) John Maddocks’ Jazzmen Julian Phillips Keith Nichols Blue Devils Laura Jurd Dinosaur Liz Fletcher Quartet Martin Litton Red Hot Peppers Matt Ridley Quartet Mountbatten School Big Band New Orleans Heat Newton-Tracey Octet Nigel Price Trio with Alex Garnett Old Hat Jazz Band Paul Towndrow Quartet Pedigree Jazz Band play a Salute to Trad Jazz Remi Harris Trio Sarah Bolter and Not Just Sax Savannah Jazz Band Simon Spillett Trio Sinead McCabe Spats Langham Sussex Jazz Kings The Dime Notes Tina May Quartet TJ Johnson and his Band Zoe Rahman

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