“Bialas voice is not only exceptional, both in timbre and range, but her improvisations are stunning. She uses her voice like an instrument, wordless, powerful, soaring…”
— Free Jazz Album Reviews, Los Angeles, Fusion, World Jazz (USA)
“Her voice is an astounding instrument, crystal clear throughout its wide range, with a very sparing use of a tight, controlled vibrato. She can whisper as easily as soar, and Polish never sounded so enchanting ”
— Budd Koppman, All About Jazz (USA)
“Bialas balances wisely and beautifully between singing lyrics and using her voice as an instrument, improvising scat and vocalese passages. As a result this album immediately arises to the level of one of the best vocal achievements I had the pleasure to hear this year.”
— Adam Baruch, Jazzis Records (ISR)
Sylwia Bialas uses her voice either to shape her self-penned native lyrics or to explore more and more inventive instrumental avenues, frequently taking it through seemingly unreachable pitches and athletic rhythmic patterns. And the distinction here is the constant interaction with her fellow players; this is no ‘singer plus band’ set-up, but rather a fully integrated quartet whose conception feels unique.”
— Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews (UK)
“Bialas is not just another great jazz vocalist improvising her way through a cool sounding acoustic album. Her voice shimmers, sparkles and whispers like a misty morning sun shining through to warm our heart and soul. I found myself soaring on each and every note and was deeply moved by her soulfulness. ”
— John Prichard, website (UK)
“There`s an almost devotional intensity to her singing that rarely fails to deliver”
— Andy Robson, Jazzwise (UK)
“Bialas employs her voice fearlessly as another instrument…”
— Ian Patterson, All About Jazz
Sylwia Bialas’ flexible, constantly evolving timbre and her instrumental approach to improvisation produces a unique vocal style – an adaptable, interactive and unique musical instrument. Her distinctive phrasing and techniques fashion soulful sung lyrics as well as the most atmospheric vocalise, all touched by the styles of ECM and ethno-music, and strongly influenced by eastern culture:

“Music is my precious way of sharing – with the musicians I’m honoured and happy to work with, and also the audience…“

Sylwia has collaborated with many fine musicians, including:

Andrea Centazzo (IT/USA), Asaf Sirkis (ISR/UK), Peter Phippen (USA), Hans-Peter Salentin (GER), Michael Wollny (GER), Adrian Mears (AUSTRAL), Tim Garland (UK), Ivo Neame (UK) ’The Shin” (GEORGIA), Hubert Winter (GER), Frank Harrison (UK), Antonio Zambrini (IT), Russ Spiegel (USA), Roine Sangenberg (SWE), Jesper Bodilsen (DEN), Michele Salgarello (IT), Gilad Atzmon (UK), Pat Bettison (USA), Yaron Stavi(ISR), Zbigniew Lewandowski(POL) and more…

Sylwia Bialas has also been creator and member of various international music and art projects, as well as a number of diverse bands touring in Germany, Poland, Italy, Scandinavia and the UK.


SB Quartet

CEA Ensemble (Scandinavia/Italy/Germany)

Deep Endeavour (Scandinavian art project).

Krabat (20th Century Fox)
Paradies auf Erden (German Art TV)


2006 Prisma Quintet, PRISMA, INDEPENDENTLC05422

2007 Anette Focks, Komponiert in Deutschland (soundtrack),

2007 Hans Madej, Das Paradies auf Erden (Movie Soundtrack),

Kick Film in co production with ZDF/ARTE

2007 Visions and Voices (Sampler)

2007 Andrea Centazzo`s Voyagers, ICTUS RECORDS, L.A.

2008 KRABAT, movie sundtrack (20th Century Fox)

2010 Peter Phippen, Summerland, Portionmusic Records

2014 Asaf Sirkis, Shepherd Stories, Track 3: TravellerSBPT003

2014 SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ, Come To ME, Stonedbird Productions SBPQ004

2015 SB Quartet, The Forest of Mists, Stonedbird Productions

2016 CEA Ensemble, Sketches of Aurora

A new double album “OUR NEW EARTH” by the SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ will be released in 2020

Lockdown Live & Recorded – Trypl


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Randolph Matthews & Yaron Stavi


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Alanis Morissette


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Patchwork Jazz Orchestra


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Remi Harris


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Swing 42


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ola Onabulé


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Guillermo Hill


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Ayanna Witter-Johnson


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Paul Towndrow


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Josephine Davies


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Riot Jazz Brass Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – 3 Cohens


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Electric Lady Big Band


Lockdown Live & Recorded – London Trombonists


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Tommy Blaize & All Fired Up


Lockdown Live & Recorded – Emily Dankworth