The Duke of Wellington is a vibrant and friendly local for anyone lucky enough to live nearby. With a quality line-up of live ales and real music, the pub is also a destination for music and beer lovers travelling from further afield.

With hundreds of new micro- breweries springing up across the country, (40 odd breweries in Sussex alone), our cellar turns over some legendary brews from the likes of Dark Star, Burning Sky, Tiny Rebel, Magic Rock & Siren – to name a few. As an independently owned pub we can hand-pick the finest, frequently getting our hands on exceptional one-off specials and hybrid brewery collaborations.sunny afternoons

The very British tradition of producing naturally carbonated ‘living’ ales goes hand in hand with keeping and serving ales in peak condition direct from a cool cellar, as they should be. Our commitment to quality control extends also to our range of keg beers. Steering away from mainstream brands we pay compliment to some choice continental and local beers. Innovative, award winning ales served on keg, include ‘Arise’ from Burning Sky, and our guest keg plays host to a number of BrewDog and Beavertown creations.

john birdsall

As our old friend Brodie used to say, The Welly is truly “a sweetie shop” for beer lovers… So take a look at the beer menu to see our range of semi-permanent beers on keg and bottled beauties in the fridge. If you wish to be notified about ales and beer related news, fill in a contact form on the bar, phone or email us, and we can add you to our list.

Likewise, updates about our music can be received by monthly email. We have an eclectic weekend line-up of music every Friday, Saturday night & Sunday afternoon with regular events scheduled on weekdays during the month, plus a few random events to keep an eye on

the lovely ladiesSince the early 80’s, the pub has been a buzzing ‘real’ music venue – a tradition that remains alive and kicking. So ditch the remote (Simon Cowell has enough money) and come enjoy the local and travelling talent. In our experience, there’s nothing like a dose of ‘real’ music to get those feet tapping, spines tingling, and spirits lifted.

Check out our calendar page and see our drop down Music and Events menu for our monthly and seasonal offerings. Nearly all our entertainment here at the Welly is free to enjoy, although we pass a non-mandatory boot round for spare change to help support the artists.

Private parties cannot usually be accommodated but if you don’t object to a few gate crashers, feel free to give us a bell and discuss any way we can help with food, beer and/or music preferences you may have. pocket size

WATCH AND LISTEN selected music videos

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- click here to add events, both online and in-person

Wendy Kirkland & Pat Sprakes Sextet

Sep 26, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Ms Maurice

Sep 27, 2021
  The Cockpit


Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Jim Rattigan

Sep 28, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre

Faye Patton Nu Jazz Quartet

Oct 16, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Kidderminster Jazz Club – Roger Beaujolais

Oct 7, 2021
  Kidderminster Town Hall

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