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VOTI – Jazzwise – EFG London Jazz Fest Preview

PREVIEW – EFG London Jazz Festival lineup preview   This story is posted in partnership with Jazzwise The EFG London Jazz Festival, which runs from 15 to 24 November, will feature the premiere of a new multi-media music and dance project from award-winning saxophonist and MC, Soweto Kinch, which will be performed at EartH, Hackney […]

VOTI – Georgia Mancio’s Jazz Hang

Georgia Mancio’s Jazz Hang 2019 Weds 9th October – Where We Once Belonged with Robert Mitchell, Shirley Smart, Kim Macari, Georgia Mancio and Tom Cawley A group of multi-faceted artists share stories, songs and music of their heritage, in reflection of and response to our current times. Pianist/composer Robert Mitchell (True Think, Alicia Olatuja) presents […]

VOTI – ConnectsVideo – R3 Collective

  ConnectsVideo – The R3 Collective –  We caughtup with Orphy Robinson about his project The R3 Collective: “Yes its a nice meeting of minds. We do everything in the studio in one or two takes, the whole band playing and no overdubs. So things remain really fresh” ‘Supergroup’?, NO, but musical royalty, YES.This collective led […]

VOTI – Jazzwise – Lancaster Jazz Fest Preview

PREVIEW – Camilla George And Led Bib Line-Up For Lancaster   This story is posted in partnership with Jazzwise   The ninth Lancaster Jazz Festival takes place from 11-15 September with a mixture of free and ticketed events encompassing 30 showcases, with Camilla George, Vula Viel and Led Bib (pictured) coming in as the three […]

VOTI – Rapport Falmouth – Jazz Workshop

Rapport Falmouth – Jazz Workshop  – 12-17 August 2019 at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts Falmouth University, Cornwall. Course Tutors Keith Michael (drums,director) Ed Jones (saxophones) Iain Ballamy ((saxophones) Andy Hague (trumpet) Fini Bearman (voice) Jez Franks (guitar) Jonathan Taylor (piano) The Rapport Falmouth Jazz Workshop brings together a brilliant team of tutors, a […]

VOTI – Jazzwise – EFG London Jazz Fest Preview

PREVIEW – Chrissie Hynde, Blue Note tributes and Whirlwind Jazz Orchestra for EFG London Jazz Festival   This story is posted in partnership with Jazzwise   Some sizable names have been added to the EFG London Jazz Festival, which runs from 15 to 24 November, at stages across the capital. Among these is a performance […]

VOTI – ConnectsVideo – Sugaray Rayford & Aaron Liddard

ConnectsVideo – Sugaray Rayford & Aaron Liddard  –  Aaron Liddard continues his jam packed international touring work supporting world class artists.. sometimes in unusual places😃 Here with Sugaray Rayford performing “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong in bed for Bedstock, MyMusicRx’s online music festival where bands play from bed as a show of solidarity […]

VOTI – Jazzwise – Love Supreme

Countdown to Love Supreme Jazz Festival   This story is posted in partnership with Jazzwise   The Love Supreme Jazz Festival is set to run from 5 to 7 July, with organisers no doubt hoping that audience numbers match or exceed the 44,000 who attended in 2018. With a mainstage line-up to please soul and […]

VOTI – Jazzwise – Xhosa Cole

  The X-Man Cometh– Xhosa Cole –   This story is posted in partnership with Jazzwise   Since prodigious new-gen jazz star Xhosa Cole won last year’s high-profile BBC Jazz Award, he’s been only looking forward. The headstrong young saxophonist speaks to Selwyn Harris about the inspiration of his native Birmingham on his development and how […]

VOTI – Behind The Sounds – Social Media & Musicians

  Behind The Sounds – Social Media & Musicians –  Feature by Fiona Ross Many people come up to me and ask me for guidance about a variety of things – including social media – thinking I know what I am doing. I don’t. The only thing I consider myself an expert in, is trying and […]

VOTI – ConnectsVideo – Aaron & The Argonauts

ConnectsVideo – Aaron & The Argonauts  –  To celebrate and promote their triumphant return to the Orleans Bar on Thurs June 20th, Aaron and the Argonauts went into the garden and did a little video – enjoy! After a great show in May and due to popular demand the Argonauts are returning to Orleans Bar. […]

VOTI – ConnectsPlaylist – 100 years of Jazz in the UK

ConnectsPlaylist – 100 years of Jazz in the UK  –  Celebrating 100 Years of Jazz in Britain in 2019, in particular the music of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Southern Syncopated Orchestra. Reminiscing in 1934, British trombonist Lew Davis recalled that from the first note, the sound of the ODJB made him feel […]

VOTI – ConnectsVideo – London Catalan Festival

ConnectsVideo – London Catalan Festival  –  The London Catalan Festival returns to PizzaExpress Jazz Club in Soho for its second edition. The 2019 programme continues to celebrate diversity of music coming out of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, particularly where they interconnect with jazz – flamenco, bossa nova, classical music and electronica will be represented […]

VOTI – ConnectsVideo – Pizza Express Live

ConnectsVideo – PizzaExpressLive  –  What does 3 beautiful Steinway Pianos, 264 keys, 6 hands sound like?  Check out this masterpiece exclusively written and performed by Gwilym Simcock, on 3 pianos across 3 different London PizzaExpress Live venues. about Pizza Express Live PizzaExpress Live presents more than 2000 shows each year across a number of venues, […]

VOTI – Behind The Sounds – Jason Yarde

Behind The Sounds – Jason Yarde –  Jason talks about playing, writings, Windrush, collaborations & the Acoutastic Bombastic project. You’re known as an outstanding saxophonist, plus alongside this is your prolific work as composer, arranger & producer. How would you describe yourself in a nutshell? Musical dogsbody and traveling father. That might sound harsh but I’ll […]

VOTI – Top Ten Tips – Dee Byrne

Top Ten Tips – Dee Byrne  –  JazzConnects bring you words of wisdom from leading Voices Of The Industry. This month, we hear from the London-based saxophonist Dee Byrne. Commit to what you are doing 100% Don’t compare yourself to others Celebrate difference Regularly re-evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it […]

VOTI – ConnectsPlaylist – Camilla George

ConnectsPlaylist – Camilla George  –  This month we feature Camilla George and her ConnectsPlaylist   about Camilla George A graduate from Trinity College of Music, Camilla George has studied with many jazz greats such as Jean Toussaint, Tony Kofi, Christian Brewer, Julian Siegel and Martin Speake. She has worked with Tomorrow’s Warriors, the Nu Civilisation Orchestra, […]

VOTI – Study Dock – Mike Outram

Study Dock – Mike Outram – Electric Campfire  –  JazzConnects bring you words of wisdom from leading Voices Of The Industry. This month, leading guitarist Mike Outram explores a John Scofield lick  In this post I’m going to show you a BURNING line from John Scofield’s Rhythm Changes ‘Flat Out’. And you’re going to learn how […]

VOTI – Study Dock – Asaf Sirkis

Study Dock – Asaf Sirkis – Konnakol  –  JazzConnects bring you words of wisdom from leading Voices Of The Industry. This month, leading drummer Asaf Sirkis shares his knowledge of Konnakol Asaf enjoys a variety of educational work; private lessons, lectures, workshops, seminars, online teaching as well as being a principal lecturer at the Leeds […]

VOTI – Top Ten Tips – Carleen Anderson

Top Ten Tips – Carleen Anderson  –  JazzConnects bring you words of wisdom from leading Voices Of The Industry. This month, we hear from the amazing voice of Carleen Anderson. Let the sound of your inner voice guide you. Meaning- that which brings you an uplifting feeling inside yourself, this is the vocal that is […]

VOTI – 5 Minutes With Cleveland Watkiss MBE

Behind the sounds – Cleveland Watkiss MBE –  You’ve had an amazing career as a vocalist, what was the first moment you knew this was what you wanted to do in life? Even as a little boy; singing and performing has always been apart of my life… as the cliché goes-music choose me. As we all know, […]

VOTI – Behind The Sounds – Jazzahead!

Behind The Sounds – JazzAhead! –  Jazzahead! is an amazing annual event that has increasingly become one the most important networking events for the Jazz industry. Hosted in Bremen, Germany, it is a true highlight of the Jazz calendar with an incredible array of diverse showcases, industry panels and with participants from over 61 countries and […]

VOTI – ConnectsRadio – Ruth Fisher (JazzFM)

ConnectsRadio – Ruth Fisher –  Check out our featured radio presenter Ruth Fisher – one of the leading UK jazz radio presenters – here she shares one of her fav interviews with the great vocalist Kurt Elling. Ruth’s Full Circle is aired on Jazz FM on Sunday mornings at 01:00 GMT across the UK on DAB+ […]